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About Us

13695905 Canada Foundation is a nonprofit organization operating as Patio Friend and Patio Friend LLC.

Patio Friend educates consumers on the benefits of patio
furniture and the importance of getting more outdoor exposure while in the comfort of your own home.

Moreover, a division of Patio Friend takes a portion of the companies’ resources to empower, connect and mobilize young entrepreneurs.

Patio Friend equips entrepreneurs through live events, trainings, knowledge
sharing, and technologies to achieve bigger and brighter future for our next
generation. Furthermore, our goal is to provide a world class experience as you browse through our online catalog and provide top of the line customer service with our services to the marketplace.

Since our company’s existence we’ve been able to develop a great reputation online by carrying the best information and insight into the benefits of Patio products and brands to live a better life. Additionally, we have an amazing internal team that’s extremely excited about not only growing our business but serving the world within the Patio industry at the highest capacity humanly possible.


If you need any assistance with the details about our services or would like to reach someone from our team, feel free to use the “Contact Us” page and we look forward to helping you and being your PatioFriend.